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Working with Truvize 

It’s never too early to start thinking about your financial future. Although it can be overwhelming to think about, achieving your financial goals allows you to live your life on your own terms. Having a financial partner facilitates the steps you need to take to aim to reach the future you see for yourself and your family.

Done are the days of defining a client’s worth based on the amount of money they earn and the amount they have to invest. Anyone can work with our financial advisors. You don’t have to have a high net worth, earn a certain amount of money, or be of a certain age.

An experienced financial professional is reliable, transparent, and puts the client first.

It’s important for people looking to work with a financial advisor to understand how much they are paying and what they are paying for. The core of our client-consultant relationship is full disclosure by the advisor.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Truvize:


We will help you bring order to your financial life.


 We will help you follow through on financial commitments.


We bring insights from the outside to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters.


 We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to be financially prepared for them.


We will explore what specific knowledge will be needed in your situation.


We want to help you achieve the best life possible, and we work in concert with you, not just for you.

Our personalized approach to financial advice is what sets us apart – we work to understand what’s important to you.

Not only do we get to know you, but you get to know us. You’ll fully understand how our firm operates. In this increasingly complex world, we want to partner with you to plan your future and accomplish what you want in life... That’s our goal. We care as much about WHY you’re investing as WHAT you invest in. It’s time to take control of your finances and move forward in life with confidence.


Our Qualified Financial Professionals

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Founding Partner

Before founding Truvize, Jonathan spent the first seven years of his career as a financial planner working for traditional financial services companies. Over time, it became clear to him there was an urgent need for transparent, thoughtful, financial advice. With Truvize, his ultimate goal is to build trust-based relationships with his clients, provide honest financial advice, and change the way people think about financial planning. After working with hundreds of individual financial plans, Jonathan has the expertise to set realistic expectations, educate and guide clients, all while keeping short and long-term goals in mind.

Nothing is more important to him than his faith in Jesus Christ, his family, and his friends. He is a firm believer in the adage, “work to live, don’t live to work.” He is happily married to his beautiful wife Fallon with whom he loves to travel, eat good food, and attend sporting events. Speaking about sports, he is an avid golfer and continues to try to convert his friends over to the sport.

Founding Partner

As a founding partner of Truvize, Drew has always believed that a financial plan is the key to realizing success. He has been advising and building relationships with his clients for over a decade. With his experience, he began to identify a major area of concern within the traditional financial services model – lack of transparency. He maintains a strong belief that financial planners should put the interest of the client first. He also strives to relate to his clients on a more personal level to go beyond investment portfolios and address every aspect of their financial lives through open and honest lines of communication.

Drew believes that how a person chooses to define themselves affects every decision that they make. His desire is to be defined by His relationship with Jesus Christ. He lives his life for Jesus. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Colossians 3:23. As a family man Drew spends most of his time with his best friend and wife Sammie, and his two children, Taylor and Jackson. They are his greatest investment, and he hopes to instill in each of them the same love Christ has shown him. He also loves playing the drums!


Who We Work With

We work with people from all walks of life.
We believe the quality of service you receive should not be based on your income, your net worth, or your ability to purchase a financial product.
What do YOU want to do with YOUR money? This can be our focus, because our compensation model is not based on the products you purchase or the investments we manage.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that the best approach in providing our clients sound financial advice is through a comprehensive financial plan.

90-Minute Plan

A 90-minute meeting to review and build an executable financial plan focused on your top financial priorities.


One-time fee

Truvize Financial Plan

Designed for high-income earners and business owners with complex planning needs. This service provides an in-depth financial plan without ongoing service and planning.

Emergency Fund Planning
Cash Flow Planning
Debt Payoff Planning
Insurance Planning
Life Goal Planning
Investment Planning
Company Benefit
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Equity Compensation Planning

Starting at
One-time fee

Ongoing Planning

Designed for high-income earners and business owners with complex planning needs. This service provides an in-depth financial plan with ongoing service and planning.

Emergency Fund Planning
Cash Flow Planning
Debt Payoff Planning
Insurance Planning
Life Goal Planning
Investment Planning
Company Benefit Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Equity Compensation Planning
Implementation Assistance
Investment Monitoring
Semi-Annual Review Meetings
Check-ins As Needed

Starting at

A Few Words Concerning Insurance

Truvize believes that insurance is an important part of a sound financial plan. But, too often, it is oversold.

We have seen countless examples of insurance products being sold for the benefit of the agent and not in the best interest of the client.

We have put into place several safeguards to ensure that our insurance recommendations are in the best interest of our clients.

We use a detailed analysis, based on your entire financial picture, to determine your insurance need.

We are completely independent. This means that we do not work directly for a carrier, instead, we work for you, identifying the company that addresses your insurance need.

Insurance products are arguably the most complex financial products available.
We structure each policy to benefit the client, not Truvize.

MOST importantly we have complete transparency in regards to any commission we receive.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes you different from other Financial Advisors or Retirement Planners?
    Our pricing is completely transparent. There are no hidden fees. Our goal is to establish a trustworthy relationship with you, our clients. We put your life and your goals as our top priority, leveraging some of the best technology the industry has to offer to save you time while planning for your future. We’re available to answer your questions and bring clarity to your financial plans. Whether you’re asking about Roth IRA contributions or how much to save toward you your children’s college, we are here for you.
  • What is a Fiduciary?
    Most clients need to learn the difference between a fiduciary standard and a suitability standard. Truvize operates under a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary has a legal and ethical obligation to put the other party's interests above their own. For a financial planner/advisor, that means helping a client make decisions in his/her best interest, even if it means reduced compensation - or no compensation - for the advisor. Under a suitability standard, the advisor is only required to recommend products and investments that are "suitable" and may not be in the best interest of the client. Every client should ask their advisor if they are operating as their fiduciary.
  • What is your account minimum?
    $0. While we certainly work with clients that would be considered "high net worth", we founded Truvize with the principle of being able to provide the highest quality financial advice, regardless of assets. Requiring a specific amount of assets to receive financial advice seems counterintuitive to us. Truvize is here to help whether you are just getting started or already have a significant investment portfolio.
  • Can you help me find a good attorney or tax preparer?
    Absolutely. Throughout our time in the industry, we have had the privilege of establishing relationships with some of the best professionals in their specific industries. Whether you need help with your taxes, or a will, or looking to buy a home or car, we can help direct you to people who have proven to us they are not only competent but also trustworthy. We never receive a kickback or referral fee from any of these relationships, we simply want our clients to be the most successful they can be.
  • What is your investment philosophy?
    We believe history has shown that a globally diversified, low-cost portfolio based on a client’s risk tolerance can provide a higher probability for financial independence. Active management and individual stock picking bring higher expenses, more transaction costs, and higher taxes, all of which can hurt a portfolio significantly in the long run. Using some of the most robust risk planning software available, we work with our clients to decide on an allocation that addresses their desire, willingness, and need to take the risk and build a portfolio accordingly. Once a portfolio is set we monitor it daily, rebalancing when needed, to ensure the client's risk score matches their allocation.
  • How can a retirement planner help me?
    As retirement planners, we take an in depth look at the accounts you have access to, the amount you have available to save, the level of risk you are willing to take and provide you with an analysis of what your expected lifestyle would be in retirement. No more guessing needed! Whether you are barely starting your career and family or you’e looking at retirement in the next few years, there is never a wrong time for financial planning.
  • How much do I need to save for my children’s college?
    Every family has a different view on how much the parents should contribute to their child’s college education. Once we have determined what YOU would like to do, we will complete an analysis to project your expected college costs and necessary savings rate.
  • What do I need to have with me for our first meeting?
    Please send us a message on our website and you will receive an email containing our financial documents checklist.

We Hear You.


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El Paso, TX 79936

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